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Feeling stuck together rather than experiencing a loving bond?

You’re not alone. Many couples come to a time in their marriage or relationship when they feel “stuck together” rather than experiencing the benefits of a mutually loving and growing bond with each other. The disconnection is a sign that change is necessary. To enjoy the intimacy you desire, help is available.


Couples Therapy

If communication breakdown, anger, resentment, lack of intimacy and or infidelity threaten to destroy your relationship, you must act. The cost of inaction is too great. If children are included in the relationship, it is urgent to take immediate action because the impact of a toxic relationship has adverse consequences in every area of life. Together we will create a mutually supportive environment and help you find effective solutions. Act now!

Trauma and PTSD

When something happens to the body that is too much, too fast, or too soon, it overwhelms the body and results in trauma. Untreated or unresolved trauma often becomes pervasive and manifest as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD, when untreated, causes long-lasting impact across several generations. People directly or indirectly affected by trauma will subconsciously develop destructive patterns of behaviors.

married couple

Is anxiety or depression keeping you from enjoying your life?

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health problems. In the U. S. alone, one-third of adults age 18 and older have signs of depression and anxiety. You’re not alone. These problems are highly treatable; you can begin to feel better again.

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